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apple stock logoLast week Apple Inc. crossed the $1T mark in terms of value! Unless you live in a cave you couldn’t avoid the news but here’s what it means:

The value of a company is constantly changing but can be calculated by taking the stock price ($207.05 for Apple) x the number of shares of stock (4.830B for Apple).  This is also called the “market capitalization” or “market cap” for short.

Here are the market cap’s of some other well-known companies to give you a feel of the magnitude of this momentous event:

  • Disney – $173B
  • Netflix – $152B
  • General Motors $63B
  • Harley – $7B

Other ways to put a trillion into perspective:

  • Mexico’s GDP is just above $1T
  • A trillion dollar bills laid end to end would reach the Sun.
  • If you spend $1 per second, it would take you almost 32,000 years to spend a trillion dollars (even my wife can’t do that)

Which company is next?

Amazon ($901B) and Alphabet ($851B) are vying to be the next company to cross that threshold.

At GiveAshare.com , we want to help people learn about the the stock market.  Financial literacy, especially for kids is important and there is no better way to learn that to actually own a share of stock in a company you love.

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