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Author: Rick

Airbnb IPO Stock Now Available

  Airbnb IPO stock is now available at GiveAshare.com! Buy Airbnb stock. Tweet

Apple Stock Split – 4 for 1

In a surprise move yesterday, Apple announced a 4 for 1 stock split.  The company says they are splitting the stock to make shares more affordable for retail investors (ie everyday people).   At GiveAshare.com , we want to do the same so are making post-split shares available for purchase now. Tweet

Saudi Aramco IPO is World’s Largest

Aramco had a successful IPO on the Saudi exchange on December 11th. It raised $25.6B, which makes it the world’s largest IPO ever!  China’s Alibaba had the record previously at a mere $25B. The stock soared 10% on the first day of trading and may have gone higher but Saudi exchange rules cap one day […]

New Gift Stock Alert: Buy Beyond Meat Stock

Do you have a vegetarian, vegan, or flexitarian friend or loved one? Never heard of the term “flexitarian”? A flexitarian is a person who still consumes meat but regularly choose meatless alternatives when they can – and almost a third of Americans now identify with the term. There’s a variety of reasons one might be […]

Stock Gifts – 11 New Stocks Added to our Stock Gift List

 We’ve added 11 new and exciting stocks to our stock gift list. Fun companies with ultra-cool stock certificates are here just in time for the holidays and reflect all aspects of our current economy.  Here is the list of 11 stocks gifts added to our list: Tweet

Aramco IPO News -Update

Saudi Aramco stock IPO is officially announced.

Virgin Galactic Stock Blasts Off

As a kid, I was captivated by the space program and dreamed of becoming an astronaut.  I ended up in Finance instead – that’s similar right?  Anyway, I always thought progress would be fast enough to get me into space at some point but after the Apollo heydays in space, things seemed to slow.   Then […]