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Author: Rick

One Share of Amazon Stock in Time Capsule

What will one share of Amazon stock we worth in 2062?   Tweet

Uber IPO Gets Uber Interest

Uber IPO is just weeks away. Tweet

Russell Wilson Stock Gift – Whoop-de-doo!

Everyone’s making a big deal about Russell Wilson giving Amazon stock to each of his offensive linemen.  Message to Russell:  We’ve been doing that for 30 years! Tweet

How to Buy Pinterest Stock

Now that the Pinterest IPO has happened, anyone can buy Pinterest stock.  Here’s how: Tweet

Aramco IPO Back On – 2020?

Just one month after Reuters reported that the Saudi Aramco IPO had been scrapped, new reports say it will happen. Tweet

Lyft IPO Likely Before Uber IPO

Now it is looking like Lyft is gearing up for an IPO to beat Uber to the punch. Tweet

Tesla To Remain Public – At Least for Now

Tesla now says it will remain a publicly traded company. A couple of weeks ago, creative genius Elon Musk stuck his foot in his mouth, or rather, stuck his foot on his twitter keypad when he announced that Tesla was considering going private. At that point the company was forced to at least look like […]