Alibaba IPO – Should We Offer Alibaba Stock?

Alibaba IPO – Should We Offer Alibaba Stock?

alibaba ipo






The massive Alibaba IPO is just about here.  Should we add it to our stock list?  Let us know:

The Chinese ecommerce giant will list on the NYSE with the ticker BABA.  “ba” means “8” in Chinese and is considered lucky (I guess double luck in this case).  We did a little research to determine if Alibaba will issue paper stock certificates and surprisingly, it looks like they may.

Let us know what you think – Would you want to buy one share of Alibaba?

2 comments on “Alibaba IPO – Should We Offer Alibaba Stock?

  1. One of the largest IPOs in the history of the planet and there is a question about carrying the stock for single share purchase?

    I appreciate the business drivers of revenue and profit, but if I understand the business, there is no investment by Give-A-Share to ‘carry’ or offer a stock.

    I am under the impression it’s a ‘buy & receive genuine cert / print faux cert, frame & mail to buyer” only on purchase.

    Why otherwise would it take several weeks to process? Just asking… and hoping this chance does not pass me by.

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