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Autographs Matter – Collectible Stock Certificates

steve jobs signature

Darn-it! Wish I had more of these.  Many people just think of Apple Inc. when it comes to the legendary Steve Jobs but the image on the left is his printed signature as Chairman of the Board on the Pixar stock certificate.  Pixar was acquired by Disney several years ago causing many to scramble to buy the cute stock certificate before the deal was completed.  They loved it because of the Toy Story characters on the certificate but without even realizing it, the real value they got was the Steve Jobs signature.  Printed signatures make all the difference when it comes to collectible stock certificates, just ask Bob Kerstein at www.scripophily.com.

Here are a few more stock certificate signatures that can make a huge difference:

hugh hefner signature on playboy stock certificate

hugh hefner signature on playboy stock certificate

Hugh Hefner’s signature on the Playboy stock certificate.  Because the company is now private, they no longer issue stock certificates but we still have a limited quantity collectible Playboy stock certificates and they are also available at scripophily.com .


warren buffett signature on berkshire hathaway stock certificatewarren buffett signature on berkshire hathaway stock certificate

Warren Buffett’s signature on the Berkshire Hathaway stock certificate is one we can all still get but for obvious reasons, it won’t be available much longer.  Warren is 81 and just announced that he has prostate cancer. This is a keeper for the ages.

mark zuckerberg signature on facebook stock certificatemark zuckerberg signature on facebook stock certificate

Here’s another keeper that will be available in a week or two….Mark Zuckerberg’s signature on the Facebook stock certificate. First, we are surprised that Facebook will even have paper certificates because of the movement to electronic-only registration. Apple stopped paper certificates in 2010 and Microsoft just stopped last month.  It is only a matter of time before Facebook stops.  We will be all over this one!

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