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Outrageous Stock Certificate Fees!

stock certificate delivery fee reaction

Well, we warned you it was coming!

Anyone who asks their stock broker to deliver a physical stock certificate better ask what the fee is and you better be sitting down when you get the answer.  We just checked with Scottrade and Charles Schwab and they both charge $500.  In fact for most stocks, they cannot and will not deliver a physical stock certificate.

Why the $500?

The whole industry is moving towards electronic ownership.  The Depository Trust Corporation (DTC) which handles the stock certificates for stock brokers charges the fee in order to discourage paper certificates and the brokers pass this along to their customers.

Good news!

Good news for us and for you.  We are still able to get authentic paper stock certificates and deliver them to you without these outrageous fees because we work directly with the stock transfer agents.  “We expect our business to pick up significantly as people discover the the fees that stock brokers charge”, says Leslie Roman, one of our founders.

But the days of paper stock certificates are numbered as the industry moves to electronic ownership – an effort called “dematerialization”.  See the growing list of stocks certificates that are no longer available.

At some point, even GiveAshare.com won’t be able to get paper certificates.  Leslie says  “that’s bad in the long run but good for business in the short run as people see the collectible value of certificates and are placing orders while they still can.”

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