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Coming Soon: Facebook IPO

facebook ipo

We get a lot of calls and emails asking if we will offer Facebook stock when they have their IPO.  The answer is a resounding YES, Duh!  The Facebook IPO is expected to be the biggest IPO EVER and we’d be crazy not to offer their stock once they go public IF they issue paper stock certificates.  To give you a feel, the Google IPO several years ago raised about $1.7B.  The Facebook IPO is expected to be in the $10B range, over 5 times larger.
The Wall Street Journal just reported that Facebook may file for their IPO as early as next week.  This means that they are just starting the process and the actual IPO would likely occur some time in the second quarter.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions about the IPO:

  • When exactly will it be?
  • What will the IPO price be?
  • Will individual investors be able to participate in the IPO or will they have to buy shares post IPO?
  • Will Facebook offer paper certificates or will they only allow electronic registration?  (this is of special interest to us).

There will be all sorts of hype as the IPO approaches and we’ll be right on top of it.

If you are interested in keeping up with the IPO including information about how you might be able to buy a framed share of Facebook stock from us after the IPO (assuming they offer paper stock certificates), sign up for our  Facebook IPO updates and we’ll add you to our list.

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  1. Linda Sharp says:

    Keep me posted on the up coming Facebook stock.

  2. […] mentioned in the last Facebook post, we are getting a lot of calls/emails asking if we will be adding Facebook stock to our stock […]

  3. gary says:

    best wishes…………

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