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Facebook Stock Certificate Unveiled!

What a relief!  It looks like Facebook will have paper stock certificates after all.  See a larger image below:  Facebook unveiled their paper stock certificate design in a recently amended IPO filing.  It’s a big deal because there was uncertainty as to whether they would even have one.  The whole industry has been moving away from paper stock certificates toward electronic registration in order to save money.  Intel was one of the first companies to stop issuing paper several years ago and many others have followed their lead – Apple being the most notable.

Stock brokers no longer issue paper stock certificates and in the rare case that they do, the charge a huge fee of $100-$500.  Half of all new IPO’s don’t issue paper.  Before bankruptcy, GM issued stock certificates but their 2010 IPO eliminated all paper.   Farmville creator Zynga had an IPO just a few months ago – no paper.  At some point in the not too distant future, no one will issue paper stock certificates.  The whole movement away from paper is having an interesting impact – it’s increasing the collectible value of st0ck certificates in circulation.   Example: Pixar certificates with Steve Jobs’ printed signature go for a whopping $595 on scripophily.net.

Anyone notice that Facebook’s stock certificate design looks very much like Apple’s old stock certificate.  There’s a good reason – they are using a form from the same transfer agent, Computershare.  The design is very ornate and loaded with anti-counterfeiting measures including coloring, fine lines, unique repeated printing, and watermarks.  But best of all, it includes the unmistakable Facebook logo but it’s in black and white.  I wanted to see some Facebook blue.

So now it seems safe to say that you will be able to buy one share of Facebook stock from GiveAshare.com AND get the authentic paper stock certificate framed.  Whew, I’ve been aching to be able to say that ever since there was a glimmer of this stock going public.

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