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April Is Financial Literacy Month – $10 OFF Shareholder Kit


Did you know that April is Financial Literacy Month?

In 2003 the U.S. Congress passed a resolution declaring April Financial Literacy for Youth Month and then in April 2005, the U.S. House passed a bill supporting the goals and ideals of Financial Literacy Month.

Isn’t it ironic that our government is apparently a big proponent of Financial Literacy Month while at the same time it demonstrates its illiteracy on a daily basis?

In 2009 (updated in 2012) we created the I’m A Shareholder Kit to help improve the financial literacy of our youth.  We believe that this book coupled with a share in a company they love is a powerful way for kids to learn.  Over the years, it has become apparent that it is not only kids that can benefit from the simple lessons in this kit but many adults too!

So in celebration of Financial Literacy Month, we are offering a $10 discount (60%) – use coupon code “aprilfl”

Get one for your kid, get one for yourself, and maybe even send one to the President or your Representative in Congress.  It’s an easy read with lots of pictures!



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