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How to Buy Pinterest Stock

framed pinterest stock certificate

Now that the Pinterest IPO has happened, anyone can buy Pinterest stock.  Here’s how:

How to Buy Pinterest Stock

  1. If you are looking to buy Pinterest stock as an investment, open an account with a stock broker.
  2. If you want to buy Pinterest stock as a gift or keepsake, go to GiveAshare.com
  3. Provide shareholder name and address information for stock registration.  Note that if the recipient is under 18, an adult custodian is required.
  4. Choose various options including frame, timing, and giftwrap.
  5. Provide billing and shipping information.

It takes just 1 minute.

The recipient becomes a real Pinterest shareholder with all shareholder rights including any declared dividends, annual reports, and invites to shareholder meetings.  In addition, he/she gets a framed stock certificate to proudly display and create conversations.

Great gift idea for avid pinners!

GiveAshare specializes in single shares of stock as a gift.  Pinterest is just the latest addition to a stock list that is well over 110 world famous companies.


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