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Cramer’s 10 Stocks for Kids Under 10

Jim Carmer Stocks For KidsMad Money’s Jim Cramer is a big believer that stock ownership is the best way to teach kids about stocks.  Check out his list of 10 Stocks for Kids Under 10.  Most of the choices are not a surprise:  Disney Amazon, Apple but it was interesting that he included BP stock on the list.

Did you know that GiveAshare  carries 8 of the 10 on his list?  We think that buying or helping your child buy one share of stock in their favorite company is the best way to teach them about stocks.  The experiences that come with stock ownership will last a lifetime.    Each mailing from their company is a learning opportunity, whether it is a dividend check, annual report, or an invitation to the shareholder’s meeting.

Add the I’m A Shareholder KIT which will explain what it means to be a shareholder and what to expect.

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