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Manchester United – The World’s Most Valuable Sports Team

manchester united stock certificate

With today’s IPO, Manchester United Football Club iced its #1 position as the most valuable sports team in the world at $2.3B.  Many of us Americans just assumed it would be the NY Yankees or Dallas Cowboys but the world loves football (soccer that is).

As of today, you can buy shares of Manchester United Stock at GiveAshare.com .

Here are the World’s Top 5 Most Valuable Sports Teams per Forbes magazine:

#1 Manchester United ($2.3B as of today’s IPO)

#2 Real Madrid ($1.9B)

#3 New York Yankees ($1.9B)

#3 Dallas Cowboys ($1.85 billion)

#5 Washington Redskins ($1.6B)

See the rest of the list at Forbes.com

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