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One More Reason To Buy One Share of Disney Stock

dis-101-logo100  One more reason to buy one share of Disney from GiveAshare.com!

Disney has just introduced the long-awaited Collectible Shareholder Certificate that can ONLY be purchased by existing Disney shareholders.

If you are not a shareholder already, buy one share of Disney stock from us.   In addition to everything that you get from GiveAshare.com, you will then be eligible to purchase the collectible certificate (see image at left) from  Disneystore.com.

If you already bought Disney stock from GiveAshare.com, you are already eligible to purchase the collectible from Disneystore.com.  Note the certificate is 8×12 so will fit the frames and mats on our website.

Get more info and see the Disney Collectible Stock Certificate.


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