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One Share of Amazon Stock in Time Capsule

one share of amazon stock certificate

What will one share of Amazon stock we worth in 2062?  Seattle Space Needle employees are assembling the items that will be put into their time capsule to be opened on its 100 year anniversary in 2062.  They wanted to make it more exciting than the one put together in 1982 which was accidentally found during renovations a couple of year ago which  had letters from employees.

Here are some of the items going in this time:

  1. One share of Amazon stock
  2. Forever stamps
  3. Signed Pearl Jam poster
  4. Twinkies
  5. Mini Seahawks mini-helmet.

This is one that will be fun to open.  Anybody care to guess which will be worth more – a share of Amazon or the Forever Stamps?

For anyone who wants to create their own time capsule, we have a stock list with much more affordable stocks.


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