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Aramco IPO News -Update

The good news is that Saudi Aramco finally officially announced that the Aramco IPO is ON!  The temporary bad news is that it will initially only be on the Saudi stock exchange which might happen as early as December, but based on history, will take longer.


As this article on BBC notes, the listing on international exchanges like in the U.S. is tabled for now but will likely happen at some point:  “The firm said it has no current plans for a foreign share listing, saying long-discussed plans for a two-stage IPO including an offering on a foreign exchange had been put aside for now.”

We are exploring the option of putting it on our list anyway but this is very complex and unlikely.

We will keep you informed of any updates including if we add it to our stock list.

BTW, we have just added 10 exciting new stocks to our stock list like Virgin Galactica which is the first and only public company focused on space travel for tourists and Mach 5 point-to-point travel here on earth.  This company is well suited for kids because it grabs their attention and imagination and has a great price point.


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