Spotify IPO is Not an IPO

Spotify IPO is Not an IPO


The Spotify IPO is expected April 3, 2018.  Here are some interesting tidbits that most people don’t know:


  1. Spotify is not a US company.  It is a Swedish compnay.
  2. Spotify expected to list on the NYSE under the ticker “SPOT”
  3. Spotify is not expected to offer paper stock certificates and instead record ownership electronically.
  4. The Spotify IPO is not really an IPO.  It is technically a direct listing.  It differs from the norm because in this case, current owners and employees will be selling stock and getting the proceeds not the company.  In addition, an IPO normally involves the company selling stock to investment banks who then make the shares available to the public on the stock exchange.
  5. The fact that investment bankers  will not be involved is expected to make the Spotify stock price more volatile initially.

You will be able to buy Spotify stock at on April 3. specializes in selling single shares of stock as gifts.





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