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Green Bay Packers Stock – Frames, Mats, Engraved Plaques

Ok, Packer fans, you got your stock certificate, now what?

Don’t even think about tucking it away in a drawer or in your safety deposit box!  Your stock certificate should be proudly displayed so everyone can see it.

Obviously it belongs in a frame and hung on the wall.  The challenge?  The stock certificate is 8 x 12 inches.  That’s a common shape for stock certificates but not for anything else so good luck finding a mat and/or frame to fit.

Well as luck would have it, we happen to have mats custom cut to fit the any 8×12 stock certificate, including Green Bay Packers stock.  The mats fit any 11×14 frame or you can pick from our 6 frame colors and get it from us too.  After paying $250 for your stock, you might think about $10 more for a laser engraved plaque that finishes off the whole package.  You get 3 lines of 35 characters each to capture something clever.

Use this link for Green Bay Packers frames and mats.

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