No More Bite of the Apple Stock

No More Bite of the Apple Stock

Apple stock certificate
Framed Apple Stock Certificate

Well, it’s official – Apple Inc. no longer issues paper stock certificates. In a surprise move – and with no notice, the company decided to go 100% electronic.

“I guess this shouldn’t be a big surprise because they are a tech company after all”, says Leslie Roman, one of’s founders. The disappointing part was that it came without any notice. If we had know it was coming, we would have let our customers know to get one share while they still could and we would have stocked up (no pun intended) on shares for our own historical stock certificate collection.

As we have pointed out before, the whole industry is moving toward electronic registration. At some point, all company’s will do this. “It turns out that with the eventual demise of paper stock certificates, and the fact that as of 1/1/09 stock brokers can’t deliver them for most stocks, we are in a sweet spot”, says Leslie. This has prompted our sales to go up, more than offsetting the effects of the bad economy.

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