Most Popular Stock Gifts – July 2010

Most popular stock gifts for July 2010

Most Popular Stock Gifts – July 2010

If you want to get a feel for trends, business events, consumer confidence, and the consumer psyche, check out July’s most popular stock gifts:

Stocks gifts for kids/teens:

  1. Walt Disney– consistently locked into 1st
  2. Dreamworks Animation
  3. Berkshire Hathaway – parents love Warren Buffett’s company for their kids
  4. Nintendo – video gamer’s delight
  5. Coca Cola

Stock gifts for adults

  1. Playboy – always a groomsmen and anniversary favorite, but Hef’s offer to buy out the stock put it in 1st.
  2. Harley-Davidson
  3. Berkshire Hathaway – the only stock in the top 5 for both kids and adults.
  4. Pan American Silver – 25th anniversary favorite
  5. Coach

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