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Tesla Motors Stock

We need your input!

tesla motors stock

Tesla Motors just had their IPO in June.  They make high powered electric sports cars.  Given high oil prices, dependence on foreign oil, and the trend toward “green”, it sure seems like an idea that makes sense.

We want to know whether you want GiveAshare.com to add Tesla Motors to our stock list.  Take our Tesla Motors stock poll… or just post your vote here.  Let us know why or why not.

UPDATE Oct 2010: Due to popular demand, Tesla Motors is now available at GiveAshare.com.

2 Responses to “Tesla Motors Stock”

  1. Bill Johnson says:

    Yes! I would definitely be one of the first purchasers of this new stock. I am a proud owner of a Tesla Roadster… I love it!

  2. Judy says:

    Would be a great gift for my granddaughter, her name is Tesla! Please let me know when I can purchase Tesla Motors Stock!

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