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Russell Wilson Stock Gift – Whoop-de-doo!

Everyone’s making a big deal about Russell Wilson giving Amazon stock to each of his offensive linemen.  Message to Russell:  We’ve been doing that for 30 years!

Ok, we don’t have an offensive line, a multi-million dollar contract, a famous wife, or even your good looks… (hmm, I’m getting a little depressed ) BUT we do have family and even a few friends who have been on the receiving end of stock gifts for eons. Hah, take that Russell!  In fact Russell, because it was always such a hassle, my wife and I took it a step farther and founded GiveAshare.com  in 2002 so that anyone can give a stock gift in just 1 minute.

But nooooooooooooooooooo….you had to do it the hard way…probably because you have people who had their people do it.

I’ll bet your linemen didn’t even get the authentic Amazon stock certificate.   That would have been a nice touch but I understand that doing it the hard way means going through a stock broker and most stock brokers don’t provide stock certificates anymore and if they do, they charge $500 for each one – all to discourage paper.  But guess what?  At GiveAshare.com, we work directly with transfer agents so no big fee and we frame it up too so that those big boys could have looked at it hanging on their wall before each game so they’d remember to protect you.

So Russell, now you know how to do it the easy way next time.  Simply go to GiveAshare.com, select from our stock list of over 110 companies, and we handle the rest.  Might I suggest Berkshire Hathaway Class A next time (ticker BRK-A).  At $321,000 per share, they’d take you to the Super Bowl.

P.S. Russell, we like your style, go hawks!

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