Apple Stock Gets Whiff of Fart Apps

Apple Stock Director Making Mother Proud

Apple Stock Gets Whiff of Fart Apps

apple stock dog buttWhen we started this blog we told you that stocks and the stock market are at the center of our culture and we promised to bring you serious lessons and fun tid bits.   Put this one into the fun tid bit category.

This week, reported that an Apple Director was caught approving some of his own apps.  Sounds improper but the funny part sure to get water cooler discussion will be some of the apps that he’s developed such as Animal Farts and iWiz.

The first app displays the back end of an animal of your choice and lets you trigger various events.  The iWiz gives you control of sounds so you can fool your friend in the next stall that you have the biggest bladder in the universe.

I’m sure his mother and those of you who have bought one share of Apple stock from us are so proud!

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  1. Sorry, can’t give you any stock investment advice here but I can say that I love the Apple stock certificate.

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