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Ferrari Stock is Here!

The Ferrari IPO is now history. As of October 21,2015,  you can buy one share of Ferrari stock at GiveAshare.com.     Tweet

Ferrari IPO Almost Here – Oct 21st!

Gettin close!  Looks like the Ferrari IPO will be Weds, October 21. Sign up to be notified when you can buy Ferrari stock at GiveAshare.  It should be available by mid-morning on the day of the IPO. In another move, the company changed their ticker from FRRI to RACE.  Too bad, I liked FRRI 🙂 […]

Ferrari IPO – Possibly Oct 2nd

CNBC reports that the Ferrari IPO could be as soon as October 12th.  Business Insider says the demand for shares could be 10 times what is available which should make for an exciting and volatile first day of trading.  Can’t wait. The stock will trade on the NYSE and the ticker looks like it will […]

Ferrari Stock Coming in 2nd Half October

Fiat Chrysler CEO says the Ferrari IPO is expected in the second half of October per Reuters. Sign up to keep informed about when you can buy Ferrari stock at GiveAshare.com More Ferrari stock info:   Tweet

Ferrari IPO – Ferrari Stock Coming

          My favorite quote related to the Ferrari IPO: Tweet

Ferrari IPO – Ferrari Stock Coming to GiveAshare.com

Great news, the Ferrari IPO is expected in October! So when it happens, you can buy a share of Ferrari stock right here at GiveAshare.com. Ferrari is among the world’s leading luxury brands most recognizable for its luxury performance sports cars.  90% of Ferrari is owned by Fiat Chrysler which intends to spin it out […]