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iPod, iPhone, iPad, iCapitalism

Ain’t capitalism great!  Apple stock hit a new high today, up a whopping $12!  It now has the second highest market cap in the world. Market Cap Primer: Market cap is short for market capitalization –  a measurement of the value of  a company.  It is calculated by taking the stock price x the number […]

Stock for Kids – The Secret Formula

When I was a kid,  my parents helped me buy my very own stock – Topps Chewing Gum Inc.  –the perfect choice for an avid sports card collector and voracious gum-chewer.  My parents did not realize it then but that one event would have a profound effect on my life! Tweet

Cramer’s 10 Stocks for Kids Under 10

Mad Money’s Jim Cramer is a big believer that stock ownership is the best way to teach kids about stocks.  Check out his list of 10 Stocks for Kids Under 10.  Most of the choices are not a surprise:  Disney Amazon, Apple but it was interesting that he included BP stock on the list. Tweet

Another Disney Stock Perk

A perk for Disney stockholders that is another fun way for kids to learn about stocks.