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Category: stock certificates

Google Stock Split & Stock Certificates

When it comes to Google stock, I’m happy and sad at the same time.  Tweet

Apple Stock Split – Now It’s Affordable

Great News!  A share of Apple stock is now 7 times cheaper.  Tweet

Hot News: Twitter WILL Issue Paper Stock Certificates

  Great News! Twitter’s transfer agent (Computershare) confirmed today that the company WILL issue paper stock certificates.  This bucks the latest trend of companies registering stock electronically in lieu of issuing paper. The certificate design was part of its IPO filing.  It is printed on anti-counterfeiting paper with an ornate design and its unforgettable logo! […]

How to Meet the Richest People in the World

Warren Buffett and Bill Gates are among the richest men in the world. Tweet

Apple Dividend

  Cha-ching!!! We got our first dividend check from Apple Inc. today! It’s the first dividend payment since 1995 – the pre ipod, ipad, iphone days. Tweet

Billionaire Soros Buys Some Manchester United Stock

  Billionaires like football too! NBC reported today that George Soros’  hedge fund bought 7.85% of Manchester United stock . Tweet

Stock Split Mania

Seems like a slew of companies like Coca-Cola and  Google have announced stock splits recently.  Even Apple is seriously considering a split.  Seems like a great opportunity to explain what a stock split is. Sometimes companies declare stock splits because they want to lower their stock price to make it more attractive to smaller investors.  […]