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Category: apple stock

Apple Stock Split – Now It’s Affordable

Great News!  A share of Apple stock is now 7 times cheaper.  Tweet

Apple Dividend

  Cha-ching!!! We got our first dividend check from Apple Inc. today! It’s the first dividend payment since 1995 – the pre ipod, ipad, iphone days. Tweet

Stock Split Mania

Seems like a slew of companies like Coca-Cola and  Google have announced stock splits recently.  Even Apple is seriously considering a split.  Seems like a great opportunity to explain what a stock split is. Sometimes companies declare stock splits because they want to lower their stock price to make it more attractive to smaller investors.  […]

No More Bite of the Apple Stock

Well, it’s official – Apple Inc. no longer issues paper stock certificates. In a surprise move – and with no notice, the company decided to go 100% electronic. “I guess this shouldn’t be a big surprise Tweet

iPod, iPhone, iPad, iCapitalism

Ain’t capitalism great!  Apple stock hit a new high today, up a whopping $12!  It now has the second highest market cap in the world. Market Cap Primer: Market cap is short for market capitalization –  a measurement of the value of  a company.  It is calculated by taking the stock price x the number […]

Apple Stock Gets Whiff of Fart Apps

Apple Stock Director Making Mother Proud