Twitter Stock At GiveAshare? You Betcha!

Twitter Stock At GiveAshare? You Betcha!

twitter ipo stock


Hot news, it’s official – Twitter is filing for their IPO.  They made the announcement a few hours ago –  by tweet of course.

Some have asked if will add Twitter stock to our stock list when they go public……….ARE YOU SERIOUS????????????


Up ’til now, there has been all sorts of speculation that the IPO will be sometime in 2014 but the company has been very quiet.  Today’s move has some thinking it could be very soon.  Here are two ways to keep informed:

  1. Sign up to get updates or get more Twitter IPO info at
  2. Follow us on Twitter @giveashare


Much more to come.


2 comments on “Twitter Stock At GiveAshare? You Betcha!

  1. The stock market world is sure to be all a”twitter” on the day of the IPO.

    Thanks for giving me a forum to use my pun!

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