Vegas Bets on Twitter IPO

Vegas Bets on Twitter IPO

twitter ipo dice

Yep, Vegas is taking bets related to the Twitter IPO giving us a glimpse at the odds of when the Twitter IPO will happen like what the Twitter stock symbol will be, where Twitter will list, and even an under/over on the Twitter IPO price.

Check out the surprising odds as of Sept 24th:

As reported by the NY Post:

  • Odds favor a Twitter IPO before Dec. 7th (odds 5-8 meaning an $8 bet wins you a $5 profit).
  • Odds favor Twitter listing with the NYSE (4-7)
  • Odds favor a Twitter stock symbol of TWTR (5-6) followed by TWIT (3-1) and far ahead of TWI, TWR, BIRD, and EGG.

When the IPO happens, you can “bet” that will make it very easy for you to buy Twitter stock .  Make sure you sign up to be notified the second it is available.

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