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Ferrari IPO – Ferrari Stock Coming







My favorite quote related to the Ferrari IPO:
A few days ago, Ferrari took the first step toward their IPO as noted in this Bloomberg article .  My favorite part of the article was a quote from Erik Gordon, a law professor at the University of Michigan’s business school.  Per the article, he said

“There may be a bit of glamor in owning a Ferrari or, for some, a Ferrari t-shirt, but it is hard to show off a share of Ferrari stock.

premium-framed-stock-FerrariWell, I guess he doesn’t know what we do at GiveAshare.com:)   We specialize in single shares of stocks as gifts or collectibles which includes not only true ownership of the company, but a framed stock certificate to show off.  A classy addition to the home or office and beats the heck out of a t-shirt.

Hey Professor, come check us out at GiveAshare.com!


GiveAshare.com will offer Ferrari stock .   Email us if you want to be notified when it is available.

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