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Snapchat IPO Update

snap-101-logo100  Interesting article in the NY Times today (see When Snap Goes Public…) that says  “there are warning signs that the hype over Snap’s initial public offering is going to be extreme”.  Well that will be fun!  Brings back memories of the Facebook IPO in 2012, a wild day!

The article points out the CEO is only 26 years old and knows what teenagers and twenty-somethings want which is why he wants to retain voting control of the company.  It also says the reason the company may have changed its name from Snapchat to Snap is to create a more of an generic company name that can be the umbrella company for other innovative and presumably lucrative products.

Remember, Snapchat’s IPO is expected at the end of Feb or beginning of March.  If you want to buy Snapchat stock, GiveAshare.com is the easy way to do it.

More info on the Snapchat IPO

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