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Collectible Certificates

Gifts/Awards For Advisors and Clients

We offer true one share ownership of over 110 world famous companies like Berkshire Hathaway.  If you have  clients looking to give stock as a gift and they want the authentic paper stock certificate, we'd appreciate the referral.   We have a limited number of authentic Merrill Lynch stock certificates available for collectors and also sell replicas that can be personalized.

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True Single Share Ownership of Berkshire Hathaway Class B

The recipient becomes a true shareholder, gets the authentic stock certificate with Warren Buffett's printed signature, and even gets passes to the shareholder meeting extravaganza to see the Oracle of Omaha.

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Replica of a Merrill Lynch Stock Certificate - Framed

*** This is NOT a real registered share ***

This realistic-looking, one share stock certificate with the twin towers is custom framed (choice of colors) and includes a personalized engraved plaque. The wall frame measures 16" W x 13"L and holds the full-sized stock certificate replica. In addition to the personalized engraved plaque, you can choose to have the replica stock certificate personalized with your name as the shareholder.

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    $73  Order   Personalized shareholder name

Promote Client Goodwill
I'm A Shareholder KIT for kids & teensNew

Your clients with kids and grandkids will truly appreciate this. Did you know that high school seniors scored a dismal 48% on JumpStart's financial literacy survey?

This innovative KIT grabs kids/teenagers attention and teaches them about stocks by letting them experience ownership. ADD a Gift Certificate toward their 1st share of stock and you will have a client for life!

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***Gift Certificates SALE - $20 OFF ***

True Single Share Ownership in Over 110 Companies

From Bank of America to Disney, we have a stock to match any interest.

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